Amber first obtained a BA in 1994 from Colorado College, and then went on to pursue her passion in bodywork and nutrition.  Her massage training started in 1996 in California at the Alchemy Institute for the Healing Arts, continued with post-graduate studies at Ohio University in osteopathy. She became a Licensed Certified Nutritionist through American Health Sciences University/National Institute for Nutritional Education in 2000, then went on to study Ayurvedic Medicine through The Florida Vedic College and Drs. Bryan and Light Miller. She worked for years under the direction of top Integrative physicians and practitioners of Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition. Amber practices as an Educator in Ayurveda and Holistic Nutrition. Ayurveda draws on thousands of years of experience utilizing foods, herbs, body treatments, and lifestyle changes to achieve balance and prevent disease. As Nature’s Formulary Director of Ayurvedic Education, Amber was responsible for designing and creating all of Nature’s Formulary’s consumer and retailer Ayurvedic education materials including video and audio programs, Dosha based lifestyle plans, diet and cleansing programs, Ayurvedic Massage routines and more.

In addition, she was involved in developing educational sales support materials, and third party literature. Amber  advised Nature’s Formulary on new product introductions. Amber also serves on both the Taste for Life and Natural Practitioner select Editorial Advisory Boards as an authoritative practitioner to provide readers with insight and perspective that will help them build and better their practices and their health.  As content providers, the Natural Practitioner Board members present key editorial perspectives highlighting their expertise and professional experiences as well as illuminating their perspectives on current trends in practice. Additionally, Amber is a contributing writer for Holistic Primary Care-News for Health & Healing; and Remedies and Taste For Life, Lifestyle-Ink publications, leading in-store natural, organic and wellness magazines. She has also provided video educational content for the Health and Nutrition Virtual Show and the Taste for Life Vlog. She loves to practice yoga, eat fabulous foods, hike in the mountains with her family, travel to other countries to experience new cultures, and educate herself and others about health and wellness whenever possible. Amber is now a full time Regional Educator for Garden of Life where she happily has the opportunity to educate and speak, bringing health awareness to many parts of the Eastern United States.