Change of Seasons

How can we best manage these wild transitions from one season to another? Transition is a component of movement and Vata (we all have the 3 Doshas; even though we may be dominant in 2 of the 3 doshas) governs movement. Therefore, easing our way through transitions is all about pacifying Vata. Most of us could use a little Vata pacification anyway because we are so out of balance in this Dosha due to our hectic, constantly mobile lifestyles. Pacify your vata and enable your body to cleanse by consuming warm, cooked foods. Lightly flavor your food with mild carminative spices like cumin, coriander, ajwan, and fennel to assist your digestion. Sip tea warm or room temperature water during a meal.

Make certain you consume an adequate amount of good quality oils for your doshic type to facilitate the elimination process and keep your body lubricated. These include coconut, sesame, olive, grape seed, flax, and nut oils. For the outside of the body, exfoliating daily with a dry brush or loofah improves circulation and promotes detoxification through the skin. Follow with Abhyanga, (self massage) with oils to pacify your dosha: Vata calming, Pitta cooling, Kapha warming. You can also use grounding essential oils in your home or office to keep you centered. Clary sage, rosewood, sandalwood, cypress, lemon grass, or lavender can help to calm and re-focus the mind. Massage will release toxins stored in the subcutaneous layers beneath the skin.

" Change of seasons  "

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